As a generalist, I think the best thing about what I do is having the freedom to explore different topics. My museum-world projects have encompassed everything from jazz and veterinary medicine to civics and ecology. Other work ranges from corporate websites, membership brochures for nonprofits, branding guidelines, and even retail packaging.

American Writers Museum

Photos: Amaze, Inc.

Location:  Chicago, Illinois
Role:  Content developer, text writer
Design:  Amaze, Inc.
Media:  Northern Light Productions, White Oak

The American Writers Museum celebrates the power of words to move, thrill, provoke, amuse, inform, and astonish. The museum also recognizes the centrality of writers in articulating and challenging what America stands for and believes. Exhibits balance media immersion with quieter experiences for in-depth exploration, including opportunities for creativity and wordplay.

Frederick Douglass: Agitator,
American Writers Museum

Photos: Amaze Inc.

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Role: Content developer, text writer
Design: Amaze, Inc.

Author and orator Frederick Douglass rose to prominence mid 1800s as one of the most passionate and eloquent voices of Abolitionism, drawing own his own experiences as formerly enslaved person. This temporary exhibit—for which I served as content developer and text writer—focused on the second half of Douglass’s career, during which he pushed for passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, raised public alarm about violence against African-Americans in the South, and continued to demand true equality for all Americans.

Perfume Passage

Photos: David Whitemyer, Luci Creative

Location: Outside Chicago, Illinois
Role: Text Writer
Exhibit Design: Luci Creative

I wrote the exhibit text for the Perfume Passage Foundation’s high-end private museum celebrating the art, beauty, and business of perfume. Graphics are incorporated into the display of over 2,500 artifacts, including bottles from the height of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements. Content highlights the thought and care behind the design of particular scent and its bottle and packaging.

Caribbean Coast, Stone Zoo

Photos: Caron/Coyle

Location: Stoneham, Massachusetts
Role: Content Developer, Text Writer
Design: Coyle/Caron (exhibits); Karen Drudi (graphics)

The Stone Zoo’s Caribbean Coast puts the spotlight on tropical wetlands, with the American flamingo as its ambassador species and the Jamaican iguana, scarlet ibis, bush dog, and two species of macaws in supporting roles. I worked with the zoo and with the Coyle/Caron design team to create a hierarchy for introducing each species and to determine how to connect the wetlands story to Massachusetts.


Photos: Colin M. Linton

Role:  Text writer
Design:  The Franklin Institute

Exhibit text and displays explore the science of sports from several perspectives. How does the human body move and what keeps it healthy? How does the design of sports equipment and gear give athletes a competitive edge? Finally, what physical forces play a role in different sports? Visitors put this knowledge into practice by pitching, jumping, surfing, and running.

Honoring Nations Traveling Exhibits

Location:  National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D.C.
Role:  Content developer, text writer
Design:  David Michaud

Honoring Nations is an awards program organized by the Harvard Project for American Indian Economic Development to share success stories in American Indian self-government. Since 1999, Honoring Nations has recognized 130 outstanding programs that collectively address a wide range of issues, from employment and housing to resource management and health. In 2014 and again in 2017, I served as the content developer and copywriter for traveling exhibits showcasing a selection of the winning projects.

Your Brain, The Franklin Institute

Photos: The Franklin Institute / Darryl W. Moran


As text writer for an extensive, multi-gallery exhibit about how our brains work, I was privileged to explore both known and unknown territory. As the exhibits explain, scientists have learned a lot about the brain, but there is still much to discover. What areas of research will yield new insights into this still-mysterious organ?  

In 2015, “Your Brain” won an award for exhibit excellence from the American Alliance of Museums, which cited its “successful approach of taking very dense subject matter and making it relatable to the visitor.”

Ganondagan Art and Cultural Center

Photos: Amaze, Inc.

Location:  Victor, New York
Role:  Text writer
Design:  Amaze, Inc.

This visitor center is located at Ganondagan, a significant archeological site once occupied by the Seneca (or Hodinöhsö:ni’, as the Seneca call themselves). During the 1600s, Ganondagan was a bustling town at the center of the fur trade … and the conflict sparked by the trade. Artifact-rich exhibits explore the history of the site and celebrate the perseverance and vibrancy of Hodinöhsö:ni’ culture.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Photos: Jay Rosenblatt

Location:  Dallas, Texas
Role:  Text coordinator, writer
Design:  Amaze Design

This new museum opened in 2012 with 11 permanent galleries; Amaze Design was responsible for designing five of those galleries. I served as Amaze’s overall coordinator for the text writing effort. In this role, I wrote a comprehensive style guide for the text and oversaw a team of three writers. In addition, I was personally responsible for writing all of the text for two galleries: “Discovering Life” and the “Rose Hall of Birds.”

Rosie the Riveter / World War II Home Front National Historical Park

Photos: Color Ad


As the lead member of Museum Design Associates’ content team, I worked with designers, park staff, and content experts to convey the “home front” story through graphics, object display, large-scale photomurals, propped vignettes, and media. The visitor center, housed in an oil house adjacent to a former assembly plant, was tasked with telling this exceptionally rich history on national scale while emphasizing Richmond’s particular contributions to the war effort. 

In 2015, the visitor center won the John Wesley Powell Prize from the Society for History in the Federal Government as an “outstanding historical display… telling a complex story with innovative techniques."

Native Voices traveling exhibit,
Boston Children’s Museum

Location:  Originated in Boston, Massachusetts, now traveling across the U.S.
Role:  Content developer, text writer
Design:  Boston Children’s Museum, THEORYONE DESIGN, Neal Mayer

I served on the core design team for an exhibit about contemporary indigenous families created by the Boston Children's Museum on behalf of the Youth Museum Exhibit Collaborative (YMEC). The exhibit celebrates five specific New England tribes: the Mashpee Wampanoag, Aquinnah Wampanoag, Narragansett, Penobscot, and Passamaquoddy.

We worked closely with a large team of tribal advisors to explore how indigenous children honor their heritage while experiencing the challenges and joys common to all contemporary children.

Biogen Corporate Headquarters

Photos: Chris Danemayer / Proun Design

Location:  Cambridge, Massachusetts
Role:  Content developer, text writer
Design:  Small Design Firm, Proverb Llc, Proun Design

I was a key player on Small Design Firm’s development of exhibits for the pioneering biotech company. Located in Biogen’s East Cambridge corporate headquarters, the exhibits aesthetically and interpretively celebrate the company's emphasis on original scientific research. While there are some traditional graphic panel displays, magical technology-driven interactions are at the heart of the experience.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Photos: Amaze, Inc.

Location:  Birmingham, Alabama
Role:  Text writer
Design:  Amaze, Inc.

I wrote all of the text for the museum's first major renovation since it opened in 1992. The new exhibits explored social changes to the city of Birmingham in the 1980s and 90s, highlighted local landmarks in the Civil Rights Movement, and made human rights issues relevant to a target audience of teens.

Countdown to Kindergarten,
Boston Children’s Museum

Location:  Boston, Massachusetts
Role:  Content developer, text writer
Design:  Boston Children’s Museum, THEORY ONE

I conceptualized, developed, and wrote text for an unusual exhibit space: an idealized, or model, kindergarten classroom set up at the Children’s Museum. Hands-on and graphical exhibit components aimed at caregivers help demystify the process of preparing a child for kindergarten, while image-based exhibits help reassure future kindergartners that an exciting adventure awaits them.

Green Patriot Posters: The Revolution Will Be Designed, Design Museum Boston

Location:  Opened in Boston, Massachusetts, now traveling across the U.S.
Role:  Content developer, text writer
Design:  Design Museum Boston

Design meets environmental activism. This traveling exhibit – which I developed and wrote – introduces visitors to the Green Patriot project, which invites designers and artists to create posters that inspire everyday citizens to fight climate change. The show features a selection of the 500-plus posters submitted to the project since its inception in 2008.

Gulf Islands National Seashore

Photos: Amaze, Inc.

Location:  Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Role:  Text writer
Design:  Amaze, Inc.

I wrote all the exhibit text for the Davis Bayou Visitor Center at the Gulf Islands National Seashore, one of the largest national parks in the U.S. As the exhibits convey, the park knits together several distinct natural communities, over 80 percent of which are underwater. The area also has an intriguing human history that includes early European exploration of the Americas and the Civil War.