I am an information sorter. That is to say, I take a jumble of ideas and form them into an easily navigable web site, a comprehensive exhibit, a succinct brochure, an engaging media program. My approach applies to content at every level, from conceptualizing a major project to writing the smallest piece of text or editing someone else’s work.

Content Development

It doesn’t matter whether your project is a brochure or a large-scale exhibit installation. Success depends on clear articulation of foundational ideas. What are your goals and driving messages? Who is your audience? How does everything relate to your mission or brand? I begin each project by exploring these questions and then generating a sound framework for executing your vision.



I focus on writing interpretive (educational) content, but I have extensive experience with marketing materials as well. I’ve written copy for many different audiences, from young emerging readers to industry experts and everything in between. I work closely with clients to determine the right style and tone of voice for a given project.



I welcome adding zing or giving shape to a document written by someone else. For institutions with limited budgets, this approach can be an effective use of my services.



Interested in working with me? I’ve posted my resume below, but would love to talk. Drop me a line or give me a call.